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Famous for its hard fighting abilities and its aggressive nature, Brazil is home several different subspecies of Peacock Bass. The largest and target species for most sport fisherman is the Speckled Peacock Bass, also known to locals as the Paca. This fish can weigh upwards of around 30 pounds and is known for its ferocious surface strikes and aggressive fighting abilities. They are known to be some of the hardest freshwater fighting fish in the world. They are intelligent creatures and as soon as they are hooked will do their best to head back into thick underwater cover where they tend to tie up lines in the brush. Anglers will have one 18ft bass boat and guide and will typically use surface lures to draw the bass to the surface. Our partner uses a yacht as a mobile hub so that anglers can fish different waters everyday. ( ADDITIONAL SPECIES) IGFA Description of Speckled Peacock: An excellent game fish, the speckled peacock can be caught on spin, bait-casting or fly tackle. Their pound-for-pound power is brutal, even when matched to heavy tackle. They will strike plugs, spoons, spinners, streamer flies and popping bugs. Their top water strikes are stunning in ferocity and they make spectacular jumps and strong runs. The larger they get, the more fiercely they fight. Considering they can grow to more than 30 pounds, be prepared for a battle when you hook into a speckled peacock!