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Anglers will be accommodated on a 125ft yacht which provides mobility and gives anglers access to different fishing areas virtually everyday. The yacht offers the most luxurious accommodations of any operation in Brazil’s Amazon. Under double occupancy it can accommodate up to 22 anglers or 14 under single occupancy. The yacht has 14 staterooms (1 King bedroom, 2 queen bedrooms, and 11 single bedrooms. Each stateroom has its own private bathroom with hot water, independent air-conditioning, and satellite TV. Internal heights are 6.5-7ft so even the tallest anglers don’t bump their noggins. The yacht itself is equipped with satellite internet, satellite phones, digital radar, sonar, and advanced navigation equipment. Daily laundry service is available as well as a pressurized drinking water reservoir. The yacht has an executive chef to prepare the finest cuisines and has a wide variety of international wines.