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Kraken Worldwide is an adventure travel company designed to provide discerning clients with the finest, most dependable angling opportunities available today. We maintain one of the most diverse and complete portfolios of sport angling opportunities available anywhere in the world. Our international staff has traveled and fished all over the world for 35 years and that extensive experience is used in selecting the programs we offer.

Every program we offer has been tested and evaluated by a member of our staff. We travel the globe throughout the year visiting operators, both old and new, in order to keep our information current. This global research effort is without equal in the adventure travel industry.

On this website we can mention only a limited number of venues, species and types of angling adventures, and we have only space enough to cover those briefly. Much more complete information is provided on request. We pride ourselves in giving accurate, thorough advice and we specialize in constructing personalized itineraries designed to achieve specific goals. This can only be accomplished person-to-person with a member of our staff.

We enjoy talking fishing, so please call!

Prices and programs are subject to change without notice.