Our Team

Robert “Bob” P. Kern

Founder and CEO of Kraken Worldwide LLC., Bob Kern has been an avid hunter and angler for over 50 years and involved in the adventure travel industry for 33 years. Bob has fished extensively on 6 continents. He travels continuously throughout the year visiting operators we represent and advising our clients regarding their angling objectives and goals. Bob is recognized as one of the most experienced and respected names in the outdoor consulting industry. He served inVietnam as an attack helicopter pilot with the 101st Airborne Division and also flew missions for 5th Group Special Forces in Laos. Bob has explored the remotest regions of Africa, China, Mongolia and Russia, as well as the various republics of the former Soviet Union and developed dozens of new angling tourism programs in those parts of the world. He is still involved in opening new fishing opportunities around the world, including most recently in Uganda, Paraguay, and in theCongo. Bob is a life member of Safari Club International (SCI) and has served as an International Director, as the Sub-chair for Asia on the Conservation Committee, and as the Sub-chair for Asia on the Trophy Records Committee. Bob Kern is a life member of the International Game Fish Association, International Professional Hunters Association, Dallas Safari Club, and the National Rifle Association, as well as a member of the American Association of International Professional Hunting & Fishing Consultants (AAIPHFC).

Robert “Rob” K. Kern

Marketing and advertising manager for Kraken Worldwide LLC., Rob also manages social media networking and website development. He has traveled the world since childhood, fishing on all 6 continents, including most of the premier big game fishing locations around the world. Rob spends several weeks each year traveling to various fishing destinations, visiting with leading professionals in the fishing and travel industry. He assists with logistics and preparations for the several trade shows in America and in Europe at which the firm exhibits each year. Rob also constructs complex trip itineraries for our clients and advises them regarding destinations and the timing of their trips.

Margarete Kern

CFO of Kraken Worldwide LLC., Margarete Kern has been involved in the hunting and fishing industry for over 35 years. She has managed a retail outdoor sporting goods store and accompanied Bob Kern to many remote areas of the world, evaluating operators and helping set up programs for the firm. Margarete supervises all travel arrangements and the construction of travel itineraries. As Chief Financial Officer for the firm, she is responsible overseeing all financial risks and assets and is acting comptroller and paymaster. She is an avid angler, having traveled extensively in pursuit of big game fish around the world. Margarete also handles most of the sightseeing arrangements connected with our fishing trips.

Amelia “Amy” Proffitt

Travel specialist and customer service coordinator for Kraken Worldwide LLC., Amy Proffitt manages the office. She is an expert at managing travel itineraries, handling visa and license applications, and the myriad of other administrative tasks associated with international travel. Amy also assists our clients with travel insurance issues, fishing regulation questions, and coordinates the activities of service providers and government agencies for the smooth execution of the often complex itineraries of our clients. She also supervises and trains our office staff at the headquarters office inVirginia.

Whitney J. Godlove

Administrative assistant and travel coordinator for Kraken Worldwide LLC., Whitney Godlove is an avid angler. She has traveled and fished widely, including many famous fishing venues in Central America, Africa and in the South Pacific. She prepares booking contracts, travel packets and many other customer service items, ensuring that all required paperwork is processed in a timely manner and that clients receive their travel information and other documents on schedule. Whit also updates foreign country information due to ever-changing situations and conditions and informs clients of changes in travel regulations and other news which may affect their trips. She handles routine correspondence, as well as making hotel reservations and other travel coordination responsibilities necessary to the smooth execution of complex travel itineraries.